Why Do College Athletes Get Paid?

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Collegian athletes will spend up to 30 hours or more a week practicing or playing their sport. This leaves college athletes with little to no time to, get a job, work on homework, and other academic events. Some of these athletes have scholarships to play in their chosen sport, however many of the scholarships given are not full and these student athletes have to pay other expenses on top of their education. Also not many athletes are given scholarships, the vast majority of student athletes do not get anything for playing. How are collegian athletes able to pay for necessities when they have no time to find jobs? The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is beginning to consider paying college athletes, which would allow athletes …show more content…
“NCAA Division I athletes still receive expert coaching (that could lead to a professional career as an athlete or as a coach), on-campus housing, frequent meals, non-uniform clothing, free medical consultation, free access to state-of-the-art training facilities and free professional development (media/public relations, life skills, networking, etc.).” ( Rick Burton). It is true that some college athletes get this kind of attention but not all of them get this. Yes, bigger schools with notoriously winning programs will treat their players with new on campus workout facilities and off the field apparel. One thing you have to keep in mind though is that this does not include the vast majority of college athletes. Many athletes who are just considered average do not get the opportunities to be interviewed by the media, looked at as superstars on campus, and get free meals. The average college athlete will spend their time practicing or playing their sport. When they are not partaking in their sport they have to work on their education, which leaves them with practically no time for a job to make money. When you take a look at the University Of Miami’s footballs team in the early 2000’s you would have seen many players taking money from fans. This was illegal and still is in college sports, but it is what athletes had to do to get money for food and clothing off the field. “The hit club…there was a money pool, whichever player could make the biggest hit that week would win the pool. That money would get us through the week cause we were broke and would do just about anything for money” (Luther Campbell). In the ESPN 30 for 30 the players go on to talk about when they were in college and had scholarships they still did not have enough money for food and cloths. These football players would end up doing whatever they could to make money and would get

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