Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior Essay

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“How do I raise my children to get into Princeton?”, or “How do I raise successful kids”. These are the questions that most parents ask and seek to know the answer. It may very well depend on how parents handle their children. Some methods give free will and individual decisions on their children while others enforce rigorous and restrictive disciplines. It is up to the parents on which method they choose. Parents have the task of making her children well mannered and successful academically. Amy Chua author of “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”, talks about raising successful kids by Chinese parenting. In addition, she criticizes how white parents handle their children, which seems weak and ineffective when handling their children. Looking from different aspects and from my personal experience there are things I am for and against the views of Amy Chua’s Chinese parenting.
Amy Chua’s article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” describes the views on how Chinese parents raise their children versus Western parenting. She views western parenting as weak. While western parents may consider making their children play the piano for thirty minutes, Chinese parents make their children play the piano for 3 hours. Chinese parents believe that seeing their children being successful academically reflects good parenting and vice versa. Even though the child may not like what they are doing, the Chinese parents will keep forcing them because they understand that once they become good at…

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