Essay on Why Are Many Americans Obese?

760 Words Oct 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Why are so many Americans obese? Many Americans overlook this question and the topic of obesity. Little do people know obesity is more common in the United States than people realize. The obesity rate continues to rise every year. Mississippi is considered the “most obese” state in the United States. Is it because they do not care? The United States is one of the most obese countries in the world; American obesity is due to eating out frequently, the cost of healthy food being more expensive, and lack of exercise. Not many people realize how obesity can affect one’s life. Due to many Americans being busy all the time, people eat out more often than making dinner at home. Usually, they will grab something fast, which is probably an item that is 95% greasy and unhealthy, like pizza, or a burger. Over time, eating fast food every day or every other day will make one gain weight. Nowadays, it would kill someone to go home and cook a healthy meal. The thought that Americans do not have to cook or clean makes their lives simpler but affects others at the same time. If parents do not want to cook dinner, they will more than likely take the whole family out to eat, which leads to not only the parents gaining weight but the children, too; especially in the South. Parents often never put limits on food, which causes children to overeat, leading to obesity. All one would have to do is take the time to make maybe a chicken salad the day before so they could have it for lunch the…

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