Satire Essay On Fast Food

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Mom does not feel like cooking today so she says, “Lets order pizza!” Sara worked the late shift and there is no food at home and she is too tired to cook, but McDonalds is open 24/7 so she picks up a big Mac before she heads home. It is 12:00 p.m. and James is on his lunch break. He does not have a car, but there is a Taco Bell within walking distance. Guess where he is going for lunch this afternoon. Fast food organizations are everywhere. It seems that on every corner there is a Checkers or Wendy’s just calling your name with their spicy chicken burgers and ice-cold sodas and salty, greasy fries just waiting to make you gain an extra five pounds to the twenty-five you were already trying to loose. It is all just too tempting.
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Everywhere you turn there are new dieting pills, or fat burners, or new exercise videos that help you loose weight fast. Even with all these things, unfortunately, for some, this ideal of being fit is still not easily met. Obesity has become a serious problem in America today, although it is a preventable disease. Many people struggle with obesity, but is it their fault? Are they one hundred percent responsible for their unfortunate weight gain? Is obesity inherited? Is it a bad hand dealt by life? Or is this a medical condition that can be fixed with surgery and an intensive dieting and exercise plan? People blame obesity on many different factors. Clear Voice Research administered an online survey asking, “ Who is primarily to blame for the rise in Obesity?” Those who participated were asked to choose among individuals, parents, farmers, food manufacturers, grocery stores, restaurants, and government policies. Ninety-four percent of the respondents believed that individuals were primarily or somewhat to blame for obesity. Ninety-one percent blamed parents. Surveyors found that people found farmers and grocery stores relatively blameless for obesity

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