Obesity In America Essay

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More that one-third of American adults is obese. (Adult) The Obesity is when a person has too much body fat. Being obese has become more and more common in America and is starting to trend. Obesity has haunted America for many generations; I will tell you about the background of obesity in America, Analyze the problem, talk about solutions, and the benefits of using the solutions. To fight something, you must know more about it and the background.
What we are fighting is not just a shape or how a person looks, but how we are eating and the activity that we are involved in everyday. In schools all around the world obesity is growing due to poor nutrition and a lack of physical activity. But, not only is it showing in schools, it’s
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There are many things that we can do to at least make the percentage go down. There are many reasons why America is still gaining. For one, people find it hard to follow through on diets. Dieting is one of the ways to lose fat. Many who are obese try this, but do not follow through with it because they find themselves unsatisfied if they do not see immediate results. Secondly, people use others who want to get fit by using weight loss pills to get rich. Many barely, or don’t help at all. They just use it to make money. Third of all, there are surgeries such as liposuctions that they take the fat out surgically. But operations like this can cost thousands of dollars. Without obesity numbers going down, we are putting ourselves in dangerous …show more content…
It’s what America does best. We eat and eat and that is one of our worst problems. Whether what we eat, when we eat, or how much it is something we always do wrong. First of all, the processed food is as bad as it gets, and Americans can’t seem to get enough of it. A lot of processed food is full of unneeded sodium, sugar, and fats. The easiest way to stop eating these things is to read the label before eating. Also if it’s something that you really like then you can just make a homemade healthier version of the food. Vegetables are also very important and easily overlooked now. They are full of vitamins that can be very helpful for the body to run properly. There are many calories in alcohols and Americans are sometimes binge drinkers. Alcohol can be good as long as it’s in the right portion because it is said that it can help your heart health. (10 ways) With eating the right amount we can better ourselves, now we have to know how many times and how long apart they should

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