Essay about Why Americans Should Be Legal

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Why Americans Should Be Allowed to Own Firearms The first firearms were invented in early 13th century China, when the portable, one person fire lance was combined with an explosive of some type, and projectiles. This new technology spread throughout the rest of Asia, the Middle East and then into Europe. Typically, in older firearms, the propellant was black powder, which is the earliest known stable chemically explosive. Modern firearms usually use a smokeless powder. Today firearms are not uncommon in the american household. One study found “…about a third of Americans have at least one.”(Haynes). Some people believe that guns should be outlawed completely in the United States. There are many reasons why I strongly disagree with this. Some reasons I disagree with this outlandish mentality include points like the fact people feel safer when they own firearms, national gun ownership helps deter the threat of foreign invasion, and safety should be taught instead of control and fear. Other reasons include the fact that laws against firearms do not deter crime, more gun control is not necessary, and above all else the second amendment right as an american citizen. People feel safer when they own firearms, or the they live in a home where at least one person owns a firearm. The threat of home invasion is very real (more so in some areas than others), and being in a household that is armed and ready will put most people’s mind at ease. An example of this claim comes from my…

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