For Lives And Liberty: Banning Weapons In America, And Jake Matthew's Article Analysis

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Why are people in the United States allowed to own guns? The United States has the highest number of privately-owned guns in the world and that number keeps rising each day. There are no other developed countries in the world that have a higher role of gun violence than the USA. According to recent research published in the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy stated that nations that have strict laws on gun control substantially have higher murder rates than those who do not. There are two individuals who have analyzed this topic in their own perspective. David Hemenway’s article entitled ” Does owning a gun make you safer? “ and Jake Matthew’s article on this topic is entitled “ For Lives and Liberty: Banning Weapons in America ”. Both Hemenway and Matthew provide arguments regarding whether guns are necessary or not in our community. Jake Matthew’s argument is more effective because he generates a more reliable and powerful solution by exploring the topic in numerous scenarios. …show more content…
Matthew’s argument is more effective because, he finds solutions to the problems in many different ways. Both of the articles focus on conveying knowledge to the audience. Hemeway’s use of sources in his arguments might be more trustworthy as it’s his own exploration and research in this field. However, when compared to Matthew’s article Hemeway focuses more on the corruption rather than on a pinpoint solution to the problem of gun violence. Thus, Matthew understand the current problem in our community and chooses not to remain silent on this issue and provides powerful solutions for the gun violence in the United States. By knowing that on an average day, eighty eight Americans are killed with guns Matthew could made his voice heard by simply saying, “Ban guns. All guns. Get rid of guns in homes, and on the streets, and as much as possible, on

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