Why America Won The War For Independence Essay

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Top Ten Reasons that America Won the War for Independence
By: Jacob Moore, Andrew Quigley, Alex Ambraziejus, Maximilien Kouroriez
Cost of War/Distance from England By far the most important reason why the Americans were able to win the War for Independence was the distance from Britain and the cost of the war. At the time around 1775, Britain had the most advanced and largest military in the world. The ragtag Americans would have been no match for this army if the cost and distance were not a factor. In total the war cost the British Crown 250 million pounds! Today that would cost 38 billion 250 million pounds or 55 billion 74 million and 836 thousand US dollars. It was simply too expensive for Britain for continue supporting the war effort,
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Before this official declaration, the French did support the American colonies with gunpowder and secret loans, but did not openly consider supporting them until the colonies won a victory at Saratoga in December 1777. The Treaty of Alliance stated that neither party would sign a separate peace treaty until “liberty, sovereignty, and independence” were granted to the Americans. The pact also stated that America would recognize any French territory taking in the West Indies. French allegiance to the cause also strengthened the moral of the Continental Congress and of the continental army. It also started to turn the tide in Britain, many English people started to oppose the war. Meanwhile, the French provided a fleet and a sizable army in the colonies to fight the British. For example in 1780, 6,000 French troops landed at Newport to establish a naval base. The French also fought in the West Indies, India, and Spain. Despite winning various battles across the globe, the French helped tax the British of their military and financial strength which eventually caused the British to lose the …show more content…
For example, George III denied the Olive Branch Petition which purpose was for England and her colonies to come to some agreement. George III also passed the Coercive Acts forcing Massachusetts to pay for tea and submit to imperial authority. Once the War for Independence started George III was convinced that if Britain did not eradicate the rebellion other countries such as Ireland or India would follow in America’s footsteps. Due to his zeal for colonist’s blood he ended up overextending his troops in America allowing for the American’s to win various battles such as in the case of Lord Charles Cornwallis who was commanded to beat the continental army at all costs. This led to the American victory at Yorktown in

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