Dbq Essay On The Declaration Of Independence

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Imagine going through your life with no equality, and the person next to you had the freedom of things that you didn’t have, or if you didn’t have the right to your own life and happiness, or even if you couldn’t adjust your leaders when they begin to destruct. This is how our life would be today without Thomas Jefferson writing the Declaration of Independence(DOI). These three ideals of the DOI are the most important for various reasons.
Equality of all humans is very important to the independence and freedom that we have. To many Americans, this principle meant being able to do the same things and have the same accomplishments as someone an opposite gender or race. The quote from Diana Pham, “My daughters, like other Americans, had an equal opportunity to succeed.” shows that those who came to America feel equally loved as everyone else, and feel like they have the right to be successful in the things they love and want to do just as anyone else does (Document A). The big importance of this is because if we all don't get equal opportunities to be great, some voices with intelligent ideas or with a better model of something will not be heard and the world
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Without equality, every single person in America would get treated differently and nobody would have the same rights. With equality, you have the ability to have liberty, and pursuit of happiness. It gives people the ability to be equal to those who are not them which can give people liberty because they can fit into the public. Fitting into the public can give people happy because they have now made friends and new people to help get them along with their journey of becoming what they want to be. Equality may not help get your health care, but it will help you have the ability to obtain the help you need and not be pushed out because of the adversity you may

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