Essay about Who Is The Boss For Your Job?

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There were a few things in this chapter that I felt were important. Recognizing that the boss is the boss is not only important to keep your job but also respectful. I feel that too many people forget that the boss was hired to do a job and has to answer to bosses of his own. I have observed people take things personal when the boss questions about where they are at on a job. I have seen coworkers become upset when a boss assigns a new directive or changes things. What these people fail to realize is that somewhere high up the ladder there is another boss telling your boss to get things done or asking for an update on the progress of jobs. My opinion is that even if you have a micromanager, devils incarnate, clueless incompetent, or a conflict avoider that boss has been hired to do a job and is of higher authority than you. I agree that each of these personality styles need to be handled in different ways and employees should stop whining and learn how to cope respectfully with the boss they have. Communication what you’re doing at work is very important for the entire team. If you have ever watched Hell’s Kitchen Chef Ramsey expects each member to yell out where they are at on each station so the other members are sure to have their stuff ready at the same time. Even though each person in your place of employment has different jobs to do everyone is ultimately working toward the same goal, which is the customer.

I liked the idea of asking for feedback from…

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