Essay on Who Is The Best Thing For Now?

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It hurt to know that by leaving Amaimon alone as he left meant he would be alone as he cried. He could hear a soft sob break in the hall and he sat up, aching to go to him, aching to comfort him. He loved his husband, incredibly so, and to leave him to himself now hurt, more than Amaimon leaving actually. He wanted to soothe him, to coo soft words, rub his back, kiss away his tears. To leave him...even if it felt like the best thing for now...well, it felt as if he was abandoning him, like he was breaking so many of his promises. If felt like, just recently he had broken those promises, not just in this moment. He had thought their promise to belong to each other had been broken as he 'd thought Amaimon was cheating on him. Finding out he hadn 't been had made Mephisto feel as if he 'd broken that promise of trust, because he 'd let his trust for his brother be torn from him so easily. He 'd promised he 'd never hate Amaimon, yet he 'd felt that emotion right before the end, a searing terrible anger. He 'd promised never to leave Amaimon of his own again, yet he 'd died and left the younger to take his own life. He 'd promised to comfort and support his mate, yet now he lay in bed as Amaimon cried, leaving him to sob. This past day had lead him to feel like less of a husband, less of a mate, less of a brother, of a protector, of someone worthy of being called Amaimon 's moon. He 'd never felt less worthy of Amaimon 's love than he did now.

As much as he tried, and as much…

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