Who Holds The Clicker? Essay

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When I think of the word authenticity, I would describe it as one 's ability to be genuine or real. When someone is authentic, there is nothing fake about them. They display their true self. The two papers we have read hold very true to the ideas of human authenticity. But, Sherry Turkle’s essay “Alone Together” holds a greater threat to human authenticity than Lauren Slater’s essay “Who Holds the Clicker?” In Turkle’s essay, she talks about the idea of “anthropomorphism.” Anthropomorphism is taking something like an animal or an object and finding human characteristic within them. In this case, she talks about human characteristics found in robots. In today’s society people search for romantic, perfect relationships instead of genuine ones; which shows how people are afraid of conflicts. This hurts the authenticity in relationships. In Slater’s writing, she mentions surgeries that help people with neurological issues. In this case, surgeons are helping the patient fix the brain based on what the patient wants fixed. These patients want to fit in the norms of society. They don 't want to be different, they want to live in societies norms.
Living in the society that we currently live in, it is no surprise that society has a lack of emotion when it comes to other human beings. We are slowly starting to lose the emotional connection we have with other human beings. In Turkle’s essay, she talks about the story of Miriam, a seventy-two-year-old woman, who happens to be living in…

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