White Privilege And Diversity

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White Privilege and Difference

It is invisible for most people. It is not discussed, taught or embraced. It is something most people dream about having on a daily basis. It is white privilege. According to author Phoebe Maltz Bovy, privilege today “applies to anyone who enjoys an unearned advantage in life, inherited or not- white privilege, male privilege, straight privilege etc. make everyday life easier, less stressful and more lucrative for those who hold one, two or all three designations” (Bovy, 1). The American Dream, or should I say “The White Dream” is something every American citizen strives to meet. People immigrate here to achieve this dream, but sadly it is not possible for most because they do not have white skin. White privilege
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Poverty exists between all citizens, including white citizens. While white privilege exists for white citizens, wealth privilege exists for certain people across all races and genders. “The gap between aspiration and reality could hardly be wider” (Stiglitz, 159). Classism is very real in our country and it is extremely evident for the poor. Poor white Americans often have difficulty accepting or understanding the concept of white privilege because they themselves certainly are not reaping the benefits of it. Social mobility simply is not possible in our society because “a child of poor or poorly educated parents isn’t able to, like middle class citizens, get a good education and rise to the middle class with a college degree” (Stiglitz, 160). Poverty exists between races also and so does inequality, as discussed earlier. White privilege in the sense of poverty exists when discussing income and economic status of different races in America. It is very true today that “Latinos and African-Americans still get paid less than whites” and while it seems that “racial segregation in the form of laws has decreased, economic segregation has increased” (Stiglitz, 165). In our society, even those citizens who fall below the poverty line still have an advantage over black …show more content…
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