College Admissions Essay: Where I M Going In Life

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Where I’m going in Life

In my life I have experienceda lot of struggles, hurt, and pain. My past has made me who
I am today. The path that I have chosen allows me the opportunity to become a better person. It will allow me to have a peace of mind, greater knowledge of cooking and baking, and allows my family to live a better life style.

I have spent so much of my life living and doing for others and not for myself. I thought I wanted to be a nurse so I enrolled into a Business College for Medical Assistant. Upon graduating, I realized that I still felt as if I were out of place. Two weeks after graduation I got hired at Whiteville Correctional Facility and stayed there for 5 years only to realize that I did not want a career in corrections and that I was only there for the money. Due to the loss of my mother, my grandfather, aunt, and nephew to a car accident, I lost touch with reality and lost my very identity of who I thought I was. After setting home for a year I enrolled in Anthem Career College for Medical Billing and Coding only because my sister wanted me to enroll with her. After graduating in this field I still was not satisfied with how my life was going. But as the years
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With my Husband encouraging me, I made the decision that it was time for me to live for me and do what I love. The entire time I was working in the many different jobs, I found that I was always catering, and delivering on my job for other people. I begin to realize that when I am in the kitchen cooking it relaxes me and gives me a piece of mind. So I decided

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