Essay about When I Treated Unjustly, And How I Restored Equity

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Situation when I treated unjustly, and how I restored equity.
One situation where I thought I was treated unfairly was when I worked at the airport lounge over the summer. It was my first job in the USA, thus I was excited, and tried to give my best effort on my work so that I could learn something. I was younger than all of my co-workers, and I always tried to follow their instructions and helped them whenever they ask for. However, I had some awesome co-workers, but over time I observed some of them were not. There were some Spanish co-workers specially three of them who only showed up doing work at the time managers and supervisors come to the round, and the rest of the time they spend by gossiping rather than work. Therefore, I had to work more than I should. Sometimes in the pick hour I noticed they worked slowly so that I had to work more. Moreover, most of the time while we had to set up the conference room for the aircrews meeting, they ordered me to do the hardest part which was to bring every item and foods from the store room, and organizes those on the cart. And two of them take it to the conference room and just place it over. On the top of that, where they should come back from the conference room by 10 to 15 minutes, they stayed longer for no reason. And that time I had to do work alone, whereas three of us should work together. Not only I noticed their unfair behavior towards me but also others employee whose responsibilities was…

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