Essay on Whats Worth Fighting for

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What Is Worth Fighting For? Dozens of puppies were found either dead or dying on man’s small property in Shallowater, Texas. Inside the house, the few living dogs were found eating other dogs just to stay alive, and carcasses were scattered all across the area. A sheriff announced that the feces was said to be “ankle deep” in certain parts of the house. The owner was later arrested and charged with only two misdemeanors. I believe we the people could prevent these kind of acts from happening so often. No matter how gruesome of an act it is, animal abuse is only a Class A misdemeanor unless the offender has two prior convictions. Although as of September 1, 2001, people who committed acts of cruelty or the torture of animals can receive …show more content…
Two days later during a plasma transfusion, Mercy died. Deshann Brown was convicted of using a deadly weapon while abusing Mercy, so he was charged with a 3rd degree felony and up to ten years in jail. Brown was one of the first cases to be charged with a felony for animal abuse. In the state of Texas, cruelty to animals means torture, failure to properly care, abandonment, confinement in a cruel manner, killing or injureing someone else’s animal, fighting animals, and using a live animal to lure dogs for races. Before September 1, 2001, anyone who committed these crimes and were found guilty would receive a Class A misdemeanor. Consisting of a fine no more than four thousand dollars, being confined in jail not exceeding one year, or both a fine and imprisonment. But since then, any person that is convicted of committing acts of cruelty or torture to animals can receive a harsher punishment. The maximum sentence would be a ten thousand dollar fine or two years in jail. Although if the person is a minor, the highest charge would be to undergo psychological counseling. In some cases, minors have done worse crimes towards the animal than adults. For instance, in Pasadena, Texas, an eleven year old boy tied a rope around a cat’s neck and strangled it just because his friend made him mad. Another incident was caused by a twelve year old and thirteen year old boy.

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