What 's Wrong With Vocational School? Essay

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There are many people who believe that college isn’t for everyone and there are many people who believe that it is. Both sides usually have valid arguments, and typically, they both stick to their belief and assume that they’re right. After reading two essays, one called “What’s Wrong with Vocational School?” by Charles Murray, and another called “On ‘Real Education’” by Robert T. Perry, I came to the conclusion that they both agree on the same thing. They both believe that no, a four-year college isn’t for everyone, but people still need some sort of education after high school, whether it’s vocational school, or some type of certificate program. After realizing that they both agreed on the same thing, I had to choose which one was more persuasive and more convincing. After giving it a lot of thought and rereading each of these papers, I decided that the essay written by Robert T. Perry was more persuasive, because it used more of the three means of persuasion than Charles Murray’s essay did. Let’s start off with the use of logos. Logos is the appeal to logic and reasoning by the audience (Modes of Persuasion). In the essay by Robert T. Perry, he used a lot of facts and statistics, which made it very persuasive. For example, Perry wrote about how a large percentage of the quickest growing job categories will require some form of postsecondary education (par. 4). He also included many other facts as to why postsecondary education is important, such as when he said that…

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