What 's The Device That Almost Everyone Uses And It Makes Life Easier For People Every Day?

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What’s the device that almost everyone uses and it makes life easier for people every day? One that helps us perform tasks quicker and allows us to communicate with one another with the click of a button. Have you ever thought about what happens when you push the power button of a computer? My speech will give you a basic understanding of how a computer works. A computer is a data processing device that performs four major functions input, process, output and storage.
The first major function is input. An input device lets you enter data and instructions into your computer. Some of the most common forms of input devices are a keyboard that is used to enter typed data, a mouse that moves the pointer across the screen clicking a user’s responses, and a stylus which enables you to tap commands. Of course there are many other types of devices and as technology has advanced there are other forms of input we can use for instance, when we scan a document or photo to our computer we are inputting information, and then there is audio and video such as headsets with microphones that allows you to speak command functions and the webcam that allows you to interact and receive information.
Second major function of a computer is processing. The process function is done by the CPU, central processing unit of the computer which acts as the brain, and this is located on the motherboard or main circuit board that contains the electronic components used to run the computer. The CPU controls…

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