Essay What 's Missing From Teacher Prep

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Teacher education programs are devoid of some aspects relating to paideia that would make for efficient teachers. One of the best sources for that information is from teachers themselves. In “What 's Missing from Teacher Prep”, an article published in an educational journal, teachers are asked to share their opinions on their educational preparation as well as suggestions for educational reform. While the general consensus was that they felt unprepared to manage classrooms and to teach, one teacher argued that, during preparation, "we needed to better understand student engagement.” This concern ties back how significant it is for universities to use evocative teaching techniques when preparing instructors to teach. It also ties back to the powerful role active learning pedagogies play in education. Martin Bickman, an advocate of active learning, lays out its cardinal impact on education in his book Minding American Education, stating that one of the flaws of traditional education is that we “simply give [students] our final formulations, saving them the effort of making their own knowledge. For to know has to be a set of active processes …” (Bickman 164). In order for teachers to implement their own active learning pedagogies, such as reflective in-class writing assignments, or open discussions, it is best if they learn under them. Universities should be teaching what needs to be taught.
There are several proponents of education that challenge what they consider the…

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