What 's Killing Children 's Creativity? Essay

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What’s Killing Children’s Creativity?
Professor, Ken Robinson, in his eminent Ted Talk, “Do schools kill creativity”?, discusses how the education system today disregards creativity as an important component within the academic growth of children. Robinson’s purpose is to open parents’ eyes to the current public system and encourage the fact that creativity is as essential as literature, and we should treat it with the same status. Although some may believe that creativity is already prioritized in the education system, the hierarchy of subjects state otherwise by having the arts at the bottom, the arts are limited and most professors are mainly one-sided when it comes to perspectives in subjects.
Robinson uses a variation of ethos, logos, and pathos throughout his speech, making an intriguing case that creativity in the ideal education system is suppose to be nurtured rather than undermined. Right off the bat Robinson uses ethos to catch the audience attention by interacting with them. He makes them feel a part of his Ted Talk, “ I have an interest in education. Actually, what I find is everybody has an interest in education. Do you?” Whether the audiences answer is yes or no Robinson has incorporated the audience in his talk, which makes them more prone to keep listening and wanting to know what else he has to say. (Speeches)
Afterwards, Robinson emphasizes on pathos by using humor as a strategy to show the evidence as well as keeping the audience interested as he retells…

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