Essay about What Type Of Information Is This ( Soap ) And Why?

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1. How do you document what you see? What type of information is this (SOAP) and why?
Flat, grouped, oval shaped areas of macules that are different from the surrounding tissue hypo-pigmented and less than 0.5 cm spread across the upper chest above the bilateral nipple line. It is not palpable, slight scaly.
This information is the objective data. The information is the descriptions of the fact, and it is primarily gathered through physical examinations (Bickley & Szilagyi, 2013).
2. What is your differential diagnoses now? Why?
a. Pityriasis (tinea versicolor). Tinea versicolor is primarily located in the upper trunk, axillae, neck, upper arms, abdomen, thighs, genitals. It is usually white, pink or brown in color, scaling, round or oval macules of different sizes, forming a large area of discoloration (Dains, Baumann, & Scheibel, 2016).
b. Measles. Rashes can be centripetal spread, can start on the neck and then covers face, arms, and chest (Dains et al., 2016).
c. Rubella. Rashes are maculopapular and confluent. It is lacy and not pruritic. Rash may start on the face and then move to the trunk of the body (Dains et al., 2016).
d. Pityriasis rosea. Pityriasis rosea is erythematous lesions that are fine circle of scale, that line ups along skin cleavage lines on trunk. It is mostly common seen in spring or fall seasons (Dains et al., 2016).
e. Erythema in fectiosum. It usually start with the cheeks, can then spread to the trunk with diffused maculopapular rash (Dains et…

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