What The Hell Is Wrong With People? Essay

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What the hell is wrong with people?

I have spent the last month thinking about a WTF moment that happened last month when I attended a reading by a local author at my neighborhood library branch. I had two reasons for attending. One, I wanted to see how others presented their readings and two, the posted subject matter intrigued me since it dealt with criminal behavior. It was supposed to be matter regarding Ted Bundy and Paul Bernardo, both high profile killers. I even got a neighbor Joan to go along, thinking this shoiuld be intresting. So imagine my surprise when the author began by telling the audience the merits of getting involved with a convicted killer. That is right she was selling the idea of having a relationship with a killer, She spoke about how attentive her con was when she would visit him in prison. I quote, “how many of you ladies have had a mans undivided attention for a solid two hours”, she asked. I remember thinking where is he going to go, you 're excited about a captive audience? She went on to tell how she had initially arranged to meet her convict for an interview for a book she wanted to write. She said that she felt an attraction to the Bad-boy type of man all of her life. I might mention here that her convict who I 'll not name because I wouldn 't give such an animal the opportunity of further publicity. What I will say is he was convicted of a murder in the North Bay area of Ontario,…

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