What Police Brutality Is And How It Can Be Fixed Essay

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Police a force designed by governments around the world to protect citizens and enforce laws for various countries required to have peace. In recent times police brutality in the United States has gone to far when officers try to apprehend criminals in major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Washington DC, etc. There have been many major cases of police brutality in the USA, one major case being the death of Freddie Grey in Baltimore. There any many things people are doing to stop police brutality and because of this more police are being caught doing the wrong things. There also has been an increase in more violent protests because of these events. In this paper I will discuss on what police brutality is and how it can be fixed. The second thing I will focus on is how is the outbreak hurting people.
Historically minorities have faced a lot of discrimination, starting way back till 1991 when the Rodney King episodes began. As time has passed there still has been a problem with discrimination most noticeably Black VS White. Middle class societies think that they have the power to take away from low class societies where most people are black.
Lawrence (2000) shows a case when a police officer shot an African American dead on a subway platform, the victim had no criminal record. This caused a lot of riots and began the heavy topic of “Black VS White.” Some police officers have their boundaries against race, sex culture, and beliefs. This makes them not fit for…

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