The Ethical Issues Of Police Brutality

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The Ethical Issues of
Police Brutality The ethical issues that are going on in our the world today is police brutality, which every American civilian cannot tolerate because for decades we have been in the fear of policeman and the many lives of people that are being mistreated, beaten down, and getting shot to death for no reason. According to USA TODAY article, A Marriage and family therapist and psychotherapist based in Monroe, Los Angeles name LaWanna Gunn-Williams said that “Police are supposed to keep us safe”. I feel in our society we all thought when a police say that they are here to protect and serve, we would feel a lot safe, but now nobody will ever believe what they are saying anymore because of the display that they are showing
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LaWanna Gunn-Williams also stated “People who experience or see police violence can be thrown for a loop when they expect police officers to help and the officers turn out to be the bad guys,” she said. For an example if a policeman sees a black man looking around like he is trying to hide something or thinking that he stalking someone, immediately they think it 's suspicious I mean how do you know he if he is truly up to something, in my opinion, that civilian is probably looking around because maybe he’s trying to look for something that he lost or he is standing there waiting for is family or friend to come pick him up because he has no means of transportation. So there is no reason for a policeman to come out of his car to frisk him on the spot, instead of frisking the civilian the policeman should have come out of his car and ask if everything is ok but for a cop to frisk anybody because of they think that they are suspicious is Ludacris …show more content…
I feel that every police department should start gathering all the old and new policeman and re-educate them on how to handle the certain situations and not try to do anything by force. Not only that, racism play a bigger role in this situation because to tell you the truth, not every policeman is perfect. According to the Tampa Tribune, Clinton had said “ There are some out there who see this as a moment to fan the flames of resentment and division. Who want o exploit people’s fears even though it means tearing our nation even further apart, “ Clinton said . “ They said that all of our problems would be solved simply by more law and order. As if the systemic racism plaguing our country doesn’t exist.” And it is entirely true, racism plays a big part of this because there are black African and Americans and latin Americans being shot and killed for no reason. Not only the police brutality is showing up on every news, but it 's also showing up on social media across the entire world of how the are treating black African Americans. Every single person that have access to social media to see

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