Police Brutality In The United States

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Police Brutality Law enforcement officers are authorized to employ force in a definite situation; they are trained in the use of dynamism, and typically face numerous circumstances during their careers when the use of force is appropriate. For instance, police are sometimes required to restrain combative offenders in order to maintain safely. Each circumstance of criminal activity posses justifiable use of power by the police. However, excessive use of power by the police, criminals, witnesses and courts. Therefore, the activities of the police come under public scrutiny. A variety of queries are raised, both reflecting the complexity of use-of-force issues and the relative scarcity of our knowledge about use-of-force wrongdoings. As mentioned …show more content…
It became a very controversial issue because police officers sometimes justify their abuse of force. “Since their job is to protect the city streets and to guard the population, they typically say that they were just handling their daily work of enforcing the law” (Lawrence). Reasonably, this created fear in the larger populations since they are well aware of the treatment they get from the officers. Also, they have witnessed exploitation of television and news media or heard it directly from the casualty. The case of Rodney, King and Amadou Diallo had a profound effect on the society concerning the powers bestowed on police officers. “The police officers freighted many for the unnecessary, excessive use of force used to make an arrest” (Nelson). The abuse of power has created many doubts and lack of trust in between the law enforcement and the American residents. As a result, many citizens will not cooperate with the police because of their dangerous perception they have of officers. The case of police brutality has the basis on the rise for a while now, as it started with the ethnic profiling used by law enforcers officers and the abusive power toward the perpetrator. “The police officer besides making the arrest sometimes beats the perpetrator with the stick or sometimes overshoots the perpetrator” …show more content…
From the above elucidations, it is clear that police brutality is eminent; likewise, the police have a way of justifying their actions with entitlement to do so by the law. However, the analysis shows that the police have certain jurisdiction and guiding principles that guide them throughout there tenure. Therefore, it is wrong for them to assert that the law justifies them to act brutally towards the citizens hence infringing their rights. Therefore, to understand the grounds for police cruelty necessitates an in-depth study and research. The law enforcement departments and psychology experts should unite in determining the probable causes and methods of prevention. In the meantime, the justice system wants to castigate the offenders, but then again the structures that the police employ incline to encourage the practice of extreme and unwarranted force. The police profession must be aware of that rough treatment is a delinquency, and police, counselors and public officials must work together to discourage future acts that cultivate police brutality. Besides, report of incidents that allege excessive police force should be in records to abolish this rough treatment. The authorities need to educated with the right information to prevent strategy that can improved police officers from using excessive force on the call of duty. The ideology here is to stop the

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