Effects Of Police Brutality On Unarmed Victims

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Police Brutality Towards Unarmed Victims Many people in today’s society fear policemen because the media has shifted the way they are viewed. Most people no longer view policemen as men or women who are available to provide safety and enforce laws to keep order. Now, many people view them as corrupt tyrants who abuse their power and take advantage of people. In the past few years, America has seen many issues regarding policemen shooting unarmed victims who were not doing anything that called for being shot at or gunned down. Because citizens now have cellphones and cameras with them nearly all the time, they are able to record the way policemen treat them. Years ago, people did not have this privilege and all evidence against the officer …show more content…
While officers are not always completely innocent, the public needs to stop assuming that they are always doing something wrong. This creates even more tension between the law enforcement agency and the public because people are angered and intimidated, sometimes for no reason at all. The obvious race gap between the unarmed victims is not only shocking, it is also unacceptable. Harming someone, whether it be the officer or the victim, based on what he or she is wearing is wrong and it should not happen. People cannot continue to claim that they are threatened based on someone else’s appearance. Law enforcement officers cannot judge people and assume they are committing a crime based on what they are wearing, but civilians cannot judge law enforcement officers and assume that they are corrupt based on the fact that the officer wears a uniform either. Police officers are supposed to maintain order and safety within a community, but if no one trusts them, then they can not do their job well. America cannot continue in this violent cycle regarding police

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