Michael P. Auerbach's Opinion On Police Brutality

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The words “police brutality” have been thrown around quite constantly lately. You will hear such words when watching the news, on social media outlets, and through people’s conversations. So what is police brutality?, it 's when a police officer uses excessive force to detain a suspect or a criminal (sometimes even killing the person or seriously injuring them). There are many different viewpoints on the matter , but two have come up with their own arguments ( Michael P. Auerbach and Tracey M. DiLascio). The main points covered were; agreeing that police are put in instantaneous, decisive positions and that some police officers take it too far, and disagreeing about how widespread it is and the way of apprehending an individual. Although …show more content…
Be that as it may, both writers have a contradiction on police brutality which involves on how widespread the issue is (if any). Michael P Auerbach has a strong belief that, “Police brutality, however, is not as widespread a problem as such activists allege.” (Ezproxy.Mvc) in contrast to what Tracey M.Dilascio who states,”Certainly when there is an allegation of widespread and consistent abuse of power. . .”(Ezproxy.Mvc). What Michael is saying, is that many groups and activist everywhere take a couple of incidents where police are using strong force to detain a suspect and are quick to broadcast it everywhere stating “police brutality”. While Tracey believes that there is a problem and that it is seen every where. What Michael shows to back his statement is that when videos are shown, the whole incident isn 't caught on tape. rather what 's shown is just the police part using force and not what suspect did. His exact words were, “Even videos do not often tell a complete story since, in many cases, what is not "caught on film" are the actions of the suspect, whose uncooperative and even violent behavior may have warranted a strong response from the police. In fact, some "police brutality" incidents are examples of police defending

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