Is Police Authority Breaking The Limit?

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Is police authority breaking the limits? That is the question nowadays. People are wondering if police brutality exists and if it has begun to overwhelm. Police authority is regulated by the U.S. Constitution, however the abuse of these guidelines leads to police brutality. The use of any force beyond what is necessary to arrest a suspect and keep police and bystanders safe is considered police brutality (Segan). It may also be measured as any violation of the due process that the Constitution has set (O’Conner). People try not to believe that such a thing is occurring in today’s society, for the thought frightens them. It is hard to accept that the system that is supposed to protect the citizens would harm them in any way, shape, or form. …show more content…
Occupational socialization has a big impact on how officers may act. Peer support also has to be taken into account; officers have boundless influences on each other. It is also a common belief that police officers have to come down hard on those who resist arrest because it is a possibility that they may harm the next officer who tries to arrest the same victim (O’Conner). The departments are as much to blame as the officers, for from time to time they bend the rules. They will hire officers without going through certain tests and training sessions that may be required (Pinto). How would the employer know that he is hiring the right person for the job if the requirements are not …show more content…
The reactions to such cases as the ones spoken of previously, prove that police brutality has quite an impact on today’s society. When the YouTube video of James Boyd was released, more than 1,000 citizens rose up in protest. These protests rose up anywhere from New York to San Francisco. Protests of this case were heightened when the observers found that Boyd had a mental illness. They were amplified even more when the officers tear gassed all of the demonstrators (Pinto). In the protests, the individuals fight the officers and Border Patrol to challenge the constitutionality of the system (Kimbell). YouTube videos are new, growing reactions to officers’ brutal acts. They are slowly helping to restore constitutional rights by catching the police in their ruthless doings

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