Arguments Against Police Brutality

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Police brutality is the excessive use of force, meaning they harm the innocent and act tougher than they have to be. Officers who are supposed to protect and serve citizens are doing the exact opposite. Every day in America police officers cross the line and abuse citizens. They do it because they can and know that they can get away with it. Officers know that their department will let them commit many false arrests, protect them from all the abuse they’ve done, and none will be charged. The department will simply say that the officer was just doing his job. In an abuse record police brutality stands the highest with 19.4%, an average of 6.6% per year that is more than 10,000 complaints of police abuse.

An officer
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Respect is gained from one’s actions. A badge doesn’t mean that one has more rights than the rest. Now a day’s police officers are feeling like the uniform is going to protect them from the law. It’s true the law protects them more than what officers are supposed to protect citizens. For example, in the case of Clinton Hakskeen who has a scar under his left eye says he 's a victim of police brutality. After he was hit in the face with a stone he went to the police station. Clinton, then mentioned that officers didn’t care in what he had to say. A second victim Alfredo Fritz, who was just having fun in a community park was disturbed and later on confronted by two police officers. Fritz then mentioned to the reporters " I didn’t say anything I just looked at him, he kept provoking me, wanting me to say something so that he could beat me, but I kept quiet until he let me go. ' ' (Rastafarians protest against police brutality) Officers that act like they are superior than the rest are the reason that most people don 't like the …show more content…
There has been many protests against police brutality, people go out there looking for justice because an officer has abused a loved one. On May 17, 1980 in Miami, Florida a riot was being held. It was all because the American Criminal Justice system didn’t charge those who are guilty of Arthur’s death. December 17, 1979 he left his friends house in the morning where he was then chased by six police officers due to the fact that he didn’t stop on a red light. When McDuffie was stopped he, ' 'received several head wounds that resulted in his death four days later.”(Miami race riot protests police brutality, May 17,1980- May 19, 1980) Janet Reno the Florida State attorney rejected the case due to insufficient evidence. Even though it was brought to her attention that there has been a cover-up. Due to the fact that the county medical examiner wasn’t believing the wounds could have been made by McDuffie himself. The case was then held in Tampa, which is an all white jury. Where the Jury did not found the defendants guilty. Although the police officers statement made him sound highly

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