Pros And Cons Of Police Brutality

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The Truth Behind Police Brutality
Eighty four percent of police officers have witnessed other officers use more force than necessary to make an arrest. Some may agree that it is not “police brutality”, just police doing their job. For example, if an officer drags someone out of their car for reaching to get their license, but mistaking it for a weapon, one might say, The officer is just doing his job. While the opposing side argues that every situation does not need excessive force for an officer to “do his job.” Police brutality is an ongoing problem occurring in the United States that should be investigated so legal action can be taken and lives can be saved.
Police brutality is defined as one or more officers using more force than necessary
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Because of this belief, the officer will not feel guilty about brutalizing a person. This also makes police brutality incidents become more common (“5 Things” 4). The most common excuse an officer will use is blaming their actions on the victim. They will convince themselves that the person brought it onto himself or herself. The officer will say that he or she got what they deserved (“5 Things” 3). Another common tactic police will use is dehumanizing a person with words such as trash, scum, or worthless. This particular tactic helps them avoid that guilty feeling when doing wrong (“5 Things” 4). Sometimes an officer might even compare his actions to those on another officer, also known as advantage comparison. This means they will argue that their actions are nothing compared to that officer who has done much worse (“5 Things” 3). For example, let 's say that one officer brutality beat someone and was hospitalized while another officer shot and killed someone who was unarmed. The officer who beat someone will say that his actions are not as bad compared to the officer who killed an unarmed person. With that being said, this is an advantage to officers getting away with committing a …show more content…
This has played a huge part in the increase of racial tension, and also the development of a feared culture in certain cities. Police brutality has also caused violent conflicts between the people and police, especially when an officer is not punished for their violent actions. Therefore, this can cause the public to mistrust police (“5 Things” 5).
Lack of accountability is one key factor contributing to the increase of police brutality. Officers involved in the violent situations are most commonly given a pass and are not held accountable for their unnecessary violent actions. In the state of New Jersey, 99% of the complaints filed against police brutality in not investigated. That one statistic makes it so much easier for police to abuse their power. This also tells them that it is okay to be violent, even when it is not necessary (“5 Things” 4).
Police brutality has definitely increased, but if it is not resolved now, the situation will only get worse. Failing to hold officers accountable for their actions will only help the problem increase (“5 Things” 5). Keep officers on camera. A study tested in 2012 in Rialto, California stated that public complaints dropped 88% from the previous year. The study also stated that officers use of force fell by 60%. Making an officer pay their own settlements could also change police behavior. That will make them question whether the force is absolutely necessary or not (“Seven Reasons”

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