What Motivates You For Attend Ic 2016? Essay

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What motivates you to attend IC 2016? (Max. 150 words)

Having been an LCP, a position with much responsibility, I felt the need to get international experience and to find out how LCP works in other AIESEC committees across the world. I missed my chance to attend LatCo and EuroXPro last month because of the exam and this time I would not want to miss my chance to participate in the international congress. I asked myself “when will I ever have an opportunity to see 126 countries work together towards one common goal?” And I know that this chance will exist if I attend IC. The thought of being able to see people all around the world work together to achieve common goals is just amazing. I also would like to create meaningful connections across cultural barriers and learn smart strategies to develop more young leaders when I come back to Canada.

By attending IC 2016, what are the two main contributions you are bringing to (a) AIESEC in Canada (b) Your LC (c) Yourself (Max. 200 words)
a) A better understanding of Global AIESEC strategies and deliver them to the national plenary of AIESEC in Canada. More exchanges by establishing LC to LC partnership. By having that partnership, it will make the matching process easier for my LC and increase the realization number thus, my LC will be able to achieve our NETs + passing minimum standards.

b) Attending IC is an opportunity for me to learn about myself, learn more about AIESEC and gained more confidence in my ability to contribute…

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