What Makes You Become An Actress? Essay

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It seems that everywhere you turn these days, new actors are emerging in the world of entertainment. All too often, young people have ambitionsto enter this world of glitz and glamor, but they don 't understand the amount of work that goes into such a venture. Thankfully, this is not the true in the case of Lauren A. Campbell, an aspiring, young actress who posseses talent, brains, and determination. Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Lauren about her foray into the world of acting, including her varied experiences and accomplishments.
What inspired you to become an actress?

I always wanted to become an actress--even from the age of about three or four. I was very shy, and so at the age of four, I started taking dance lessons. This is kind of what helped me grow into my own, so to speak. While I was still very shy and very afraid, I wanted to try acting. I graduated from high school, and I went on just dancing and working. My dance teacher finally asked me, "What do you want to do?" Well, there was only one thing I was truly passionate about--becoming an actor. So I went on to study dancing, singing, and acting at the Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria, B.C.

What was the next step in your dream of becoming an actress?

Well, I returned to Vancouver, and I studied under various teachers. The majority of my background has been in theater, and I did mainly background and small parts in various productions. But I have also done some work as a producer,…

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