What Makes Work Hard? Essay

1010 Words Oct 11th, 2015 null Page
What makes work hard? There are at least three main criteria that make an activity hard work. These three criteria being that it is challenging in some aspect, mentally and or physically. Requires dedication, wholly committing to earnestly doing it. And finally it must be mandatory. If an activity does not meet at least all of these requirements it is not hard work. School meets these requirements being that it is challenging to both students and teachers, requires the dedication of students and teachers, and it is mandatory to attend for both. School is challenging in that students need long hours of study to learn concepts and teachers need to review concepts and grade student work. Students and teachers must focus wholly and earnestly to learn and review subjects, and school is mandatory for all students and teachers who have agreed to be there to teach. In order for school work to be hard work it must meet the criteria that it is challenging. This means that it must be physically and or mentally stressful. Students will agree that school work is mentally stressful due it requiring hours of study to learn and retain any new information that is presented in class. Then many more hours to fully master the material covered to be ready for any test. This activity of studying is not only mentally draining, but physically draining, it requires students to give up sleep in order to study for more than one class, since students mostly have several classes at once. However this…

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