What Makes Us Truly Us? Essay

1724 Words Oct 2nd, 2016 7 Pages
Today is the day of science. Over the past few decades, scientists of all kinds have been debunking centuries old notions of beliefs, tearing them down, and building a new infrastructure based on proven science. One of the biggest notions is that of human nature. What makes us truly us? Is it the way we are nurtured? That was a belief long, and still, used as proof of how we as humans become the people who we are today. However, today is the day of science. Science is finally going for the KO in this fight, proving that your genes determine who you really are, and not the way you were raised. This notion of belief has come under fire, but so has the first insertion that the sun is at the center of our solar system, or the world is actually a sphere. An assumption is made, experiments performed, and proof given to the naysayers. This is no different. There may be a lack of evidence leading to the conclusion that all your unique personality traits are determined by genes, but that is the way with most scientific findings. More and more evidence will unfold that we are who we are due to our genes, and not through nurture. Today, there is enough evidence that can slightly turn the tides to that of nature. As mentioned, science cannot currently cover all the critiques it is given, and some irrefutable proof still stands that some of our personality is determined by how we are nurtured. An oddity that refutes scientific evidence would be the existence of feral children. In 1920,…

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