Nature Vs Nurture Essay

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Nature vs. Nurture Chapter Three the convenient jingle by Matt Ridley
Lindsey Littlejohn
Western Carolina University

This paper talks about how a geographer named Francis Galton created a debate about nature vs. nurture and how for example twins no matter the gender, will do exactly the same thing as each other and he debated whether it was nature or nurture. This debate between nature and nurture has been the talk for many decades. Galton believed in the nature but not that much of nurture. People thought it was not something to even worry about but became the biggest debate of time. He also believed that if anyone who was in your family, and was either an Olympic athlete or celebrity, would most likely become a celebrity or Olympic athlete, that’s if they wanted to do the exact same thing. He thought that genes played a huge role in almost everything. Also if reading past chapter ten Galton talks about how parents play a role in how children act or become. This book examines behavioral genetics which is studied on twins, adoption studies.

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Although Harris agreed with that part, he still did not believe that this proved nothing. Of course children will be children they are the parent’s child, so they would have the same genes. For example the Bodo Doll Experiment, a scientist experimented with children with a doll. They let the children stay in the room with an older adult to watch how they played with the doll. The adults beat the doll with a hammer and were very aggressive with it. It finally was the children’s turn, they left them in the room by themselves with the doll and unfortanley they did the same as the adults. The children were aggressive toward the doll and several children expression towards the doll was not what a child would do or look like playing with a

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