Essay on What Makes A Writer 's Mission?

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Know Your Writing Mission

Choosing a type of writing that is close to your heart, provides you with a purpose or a mission. Whether it is widely known or not, every writer has a mission. For some it is fiction, and for others, nonfiction. With a firmly established mission, you write with more zeal.

When trying to find your mission, write what you prefer (fiction, nonfiction or both), not what others think you should write. Only you can decide the direction of your writing, its meaning or what you want from it and thus what you want to share. A writer’s mission may be one or more of the following:
— To explain
— To Entertain
— Help solve problems
— To Persuade
— For self-expression
— To teach others how-to do something

Once you decide why you want to write, you can then choose the most suitable areas to convey your message, a specialization:
1. Nonfiction
2. Fiction
3. Creative Nonfiction Understanding Niche and Genre

Why it is important to discover your niche or genre. With a niche or genre, you discover your path, find your passion more quickly, avoid false starts and wasting time writing what doesn’t truly interest you. To start, notice any recurring thoughts or emotions that get your blood boiling (politics, social injustices, homelessness, etc.) and see if you can find an idea to turn into a book.

Next, do not think that you must follow the crowd or imitate other writers. Choose your own subject or theme and work with it. There is no need to stick to what is…

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