What Makes A Person Or Client Is The Recipient Of Nursing Care?

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As a small child in Nigeria, I dreamt of being a nurse. I remember longing to grow up so I could wear the white uniforms and caps that I saw on television. Nursing to me is caring and compassion delivered with the technology needed to provide an environment that supports healing. Personally, nursing is my way of giving back to the people and my country. . Giving of my self gives me peace of mind and spirit. This is a much different view than when I started in my associated degree program. Then it was all about obtaining my new skill and learning the ability to provide medical care. I have found there is far more to healing than medicine. I enjoy helping others and that is what nursing entails. A person or client is the recipient of nursing care. Health is defined by the perception of each person. Health may be viewed in innumerable ways from the absence of disease to the maximum experience of the richness of life or death. To me, health involves the totality of body, mind, and spirit, and the way in which humans interact with their environment. Environment is every factor, internal and external, that provides the context for human life. The internal environment consists of genetic, physical, psychological, spiritual, and social factors. The external environment encompass all conditions or circumstances in which the person lives including physical, social, and cultural factors as well as toxins, pollutants, weather changes, and numerous other factors. The combined…

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