What Makes A Good Leader? Essay

704 Words Jul 14th, 2016 3 Pages
Integrity in a person is an important quality to have whether one is religious or not. Integrity is achieved by the values and morals that one decides to live by will determine if they are a good person. When I think of integrity, I think of one that maintains honesty at all times and is true themselves. Integrity can be integrated in everyone, every profession, and every situation. In order to become a leader, I believe that individual needs this essential quality.
As I was reading this article, I found that I was agreeing with the importance of leadership. Leadership is a quality that can be used in almost any settings not only in the church. For example, at work, with family or friends, and in schools. Leadership can occur when individuals take on more responsibility and set an example for others. Leadership is not only utilized in large groups, such as a community or church, but with individuals as well. I believe when someone takes the role of becoming a leader, they should ensure that they are delivering quality advice. I have experienced leadership in the past while I was on the dance team in high school and the captains of the team were not the best examples. For example, our coach would lecture the whole team the importance of time management, but the captains of the team would arrive to practice late on a daily basis. Knowing this puts into perspective of quality of leadership. If individuals want to make an example of how something should be, they should lead my…

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