The Importance Of Integrity In Arming The Spirit

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To arm an individual 's spirit takes integrity. No task is possible without integrity. To do the right thing even if it isn’t the easiest thing. To arm an individual’s spirit, they need to stop focusing on the problem and live in the present. They need to move out of the comfort zone and doing so preserver for larger later rather than smaller sooner. As shown in “Arming the Spirit”, it is those who have integrity and choose to use it who survive.
It takes integrity to take the risk and move on from the problem and search for a solution. To be able to stop and think rather than exerting all an individual 's time and effort into something endless. The search for perfection and solving a problem is endless and creates a sense of hopelessness.
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One choice is whether or not an individual can wait for larger later, or succumb to smaller sooner. Many individuals lack patience and patience is a friend in life. It takes weak willedness and cowardliness to take the easy route and go with smaller sooner. It takes guts and integrity to persevere and wait for larger later. We all wish for the larger later parts of life, but only a fraction of us can work through the obstacles to obtain it. As in “Arming the Spirit”, many went to the lectures only to stop going in order to gain more rest. They gave up and choose smaller sooner because waiting for larger later was too much and it was easier to give up. Giving up is not the way to get through life and many of those who gave up didn’t survive. Rather than to collapse every night from the grueling work at the concentration camp, it took the prisoners their integrity to listen to the lectures, no matter the cost. In the end it was those who took the time to keep themselves whole, rather than crumple and collapse from exhaustion. “Those who died this way were always the men who had been most determined to survive, those who concentrated on nothing but food, sleep and warmth.” Those men could not wait, could not pull the strength and integrity to hold on for the goodness of their life. Many people feel comfortable giving up and choosing smaller sooner because it is comfortable. It is not a comforting, easy thing to wait while the majority of …show more content…
Going outside one’s comfort zone makes an individual great. The easiest solution would be to stay comfortable, and safe even if it does not produce the results wanted. However, it is not the best way to arm the spirit. Staying comfortable does nothing for an individual’s spirit. Going nowhere is a sense of no accomplishment, no pride, no meaning. Many have grown accustomed to the comfort in their lives and that makes it much harder to exit the comfort zone. Those of us that do though, are the ones with armed spirits and longevity of their futures. It takes integrity to step out of the comfort zone and strive for something greater, like life. Life is something given to us and we never know when it may be taken away. In “Arming the Spirit”, there life could be over in an instant. They are all fighting for their lives. Some through their spirit and some through their bodies. Fighting through a body is endless and exhausting. Fighting through a spirit is also endless and exhausting. However one way is a comfort zone of fighting and the other is fighting outside that comfort zone. That “man as given owes it to himself to obey the dictates of his higher nature to rise above evil and mindlessness.” No man is living up to his potential while in the comfort zone. They are not doing their spirit justice by getting by. Everyone all have integrity among, they need to start expanding from that comfort zone to interact with the true

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