Essay about What Makes A Good Job With A Customer?

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Carol shared with me yesterday, that all of the associates are saying that they do not feel that I am encouraging the team at all. I am confused, I am getting along with all of the team, and they even ask me out to join them for happy hour frequently. I always post positive high value sales of my team in Burberry Chat, and always give them positive feedback when I see they do a great job with a customer. This is something I have not seen Carol do since I started working for Burberry almost 3 months ago.

These past couple of weeks the team have shared and asked for my advice in regards the way Carol is teaching and encouraging them, which the team feels is really confusing and not encouraging at all. They do not want to talk directly to Carol, because they are scared of her. The reason is because the team have seen, and even heard from local Burberry customers, that we frequently have a lot of new staff. During my time I have even seen 3 great people leave. The team also shared with me that they feel several great associates and service leads have been pushed to leave Burberry because of her.

So when I addressed this issue to Carol that the team were talking about her last week, I realized she had an issue with me. She did not like how close I got to the team. I told her as a Service Lead, I need to be in-between and it was better to address these issues with Carol right away, rather than it becoming a gossip and a problem at work. She told me that I had to step up, and…

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