Mkt 271 Case Study

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What expectations do you have about the class?
My expectations for MKT 271 are to learn and gather as much knowledge as possible. While completing my AAS in Organizational Management degree, I took a retail marketing class and realized that marketing was interesting to me. I am looking forward to increasing my knowledge with every aspect of marketing. I think that marketing is important to every business and industry and my business future will be changed by completing these courses.
This course will provide the background information that I will utilize for years. The ability to understand markets, products, product life-cycle, buyer behavior, distribution strategy, ordering processes and inventory are concepts that will help dramatically
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I want to improve my critical thinking skills to help me personally as well as my business. Being a stay-at-home mom for 13 years, I believe that I have the ability to analyze circumstances and make quick decisions. This skill is important but not always transferrable into the business world. I want to develop the ability to analyze the situation and develop a plan to success.
• Creativity is an important skill that is utilized in marketing. I want to develop my ability to come up with new exciting ideas that will help my business to grow and flourish. I do believe that I am slightly creative, but the ability to be confident enough to take chances will improve my creativity.
• Commercial awareness is an important skill in marketing that also utilizes critical thinking. The ability to understand the consumers that would be targeted by a marketing strategy is crucial to success. Commercial awareness is an important skill because it considers customer care, cost effectiveness and efficiency.

What do you see as the top three benefits of taking this course?
The three benefits of taking MKT 271
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The top challenges I foresee for taking MKT 271 are managing my time correctly, remaining focused on individual assignments and avoiding adding fillers to my assignments.
• Time management can be a struggle for me because I am a full-time student, part-time worker and full-time Mom. Having been a stay-at-home Mom for ten years, I developed some problems with time management because I always put my children’s needs first. The ability to stick to the schedule I set for myself is still a developing skill to me.
• Staying focused on a specific assignment is at times an issue for me, because I have so much to accomplish during a day. I am easily distracted by family, friends and coworkers which is why I have established specific times throughout the day that I unplug from the world and complete my school work.
• Avoiding “fluff” or fillers in my work is a problem that has developed over several years of writing freelance articles that have specific word count requirements. I work hard to not add unnecessary copy, but after 15 years of developing the habit at times I do fall back into that writing

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