What Makes A Country A World Power? Essay

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What makes a country a world power? Some countries are defined by their economy, others by their military prowess. A world power is a combination of both, countries such as the Unites States and Russia are world powers. Fully developed countries that partake in international trade and business to strive and prosper. China is a rising power itself, already in ownership of a strong economy and a growing military. However, china is not a world power, it 's a still developing country, in a sort of economic golden age where countries around the world are investing and moving their businesses to. China is a work in progress, not a world power.

China 's major and only comparative advantage over the United States is labor intensive work, such as textiles, steel working, furniture making, etc, a type of service that while isn 't unavailable in the United States, it 's simply cheaper in China where manual labor is abundant. However, the United States ' advantage is resource-intensive, capital-intensive, and technology-intensive, areas where China falls behind. This comparison between China and The United States and their comparative advantages is evidence of China not being a super power. As Leonard K. Cheng, the head of economics from The University of Hong Kong states, "Labor-intensive industries would be in China 's comparative advantage, but natural resource-intensive industries, capital-intensive industries, and technology-intensive industries are in China 's comparative…

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