African American Culture Research Paper

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For a number of reasons, culture is significant to a variety of ethnicities all around the world. When people think about culture they tend to think of traditions, values, and beliefs. We often gain a sense of knowledge about culture from our family, friends, the education system, and media. Thanks to the many forms of communication surrounding us, it is almost impossible for people in a certain culture to be unaware of cultures outside of their own.
When learning about other cultures an individual may find a certain culture interesting and even similar to their own. There are people who take part in different cultural holidays, dress in different cultural clothing, wear different cultural hairstyles, learn different cultural arts, and most
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In their study the Clarks presented African American children with Black and White dolls and asked them a series of questions, such as which doll was the prettiest, smartest, dumbest, and dirtiest. They found that African American children consistently attributed more positive traits to the White dolls and negative ones to the Black dolls” (Mio, 205-206). This experiment was so powerful and groundbreaking that it was utilized in The Brown vs Board of Education decision by the Supreme Court that segregation in schools should not be prohibited. The negative effects of racism conflicted upon children is disheartening and it still occurs in today’s society as they model experiments after the Clark’s.
The Kardashian family who are televised on one of the largest television networks E channel are often targeted of appropriating the African American culture. Kim Kardashian has been advertised in magazines and other sources of media wearing a hairstyle called corn rows, which is a form of braids in the African American culture. However, beauty and fashion editors have renamed corn rows “boxer braids” and marketed them as if Kim Kardashian created them as a new
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This movement all started with a twitter hashtag due to the high volume of police violence towards African Americans. This hashtag started a lot of controversy because people of other cultures began to respond that all lives matter. There is no argument that all lives matter, but the African American race is in dire need of support due to being violated the most. The organization and movement was not attended to devalue the lives of other races, but to simply focus on the black communities. This movement has been successful because many young kids on social media have been inspired to start their own movements, find their voices, and become activist. They have done so by petitioning at rallies in the presidential election, peacefully protesting, and fighting for their rights as youth and minorities.
Appropriation will not be tolerated in this generation and African Americans will continue to educate themselves and others on African American culture. African American culture is not just slavery, pop culture, and hairstyles. African American’s come from a lineage of queens and kings. We will collectively embrace our culture and address injustices and

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