What Makes A Community? Essay example

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Community is a concept that has a variety of meanings, in which sociological theorists have debated its true definition for years. However, out of all the definitions given, each one is related to a common set of ideas that a community, based on thousands of years of history and human interactions, is made up of unified groups of people in a specific area that that often share common interests and interactions with one another. Therefore, this is what constitutes a community in a generalized definition. Nevertheless, I have also developed my own definition of what makes up a community, and how this definition gives its own perspective on a community as well as its strengths and weaknesses.

PERSPECTIVE ON COMMUNITY In the field of sociology, Robert Park was one of the first American sociologists to define a community and this definition was established as a central concept in the School of Chicago. Park’s early attempt of defining a community was constructed on the following ideas: “the essential characteristics of a community, so conceived, are those of: (1) a population territorially organized, (2) more or less completely rooted in the soil it occupies, (3) its individual units living in a relationship of mutual independence” (Lyon & Driskell 2012: 4). Based on his definition and looking at mine, I noticed I took a similar perspective on defining community and have embraced more of the humble and togetherness aspects of a community. I have defined a community as: a…

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