Essay on What Makes A Business?

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Consciousness is the author of choice, the key to making true decisions. When we, as consumers purchase something, we assume we do so out of our own will. We are the masters of our own ship, the captains of our own destiny. Choosing what car to buy, or what computer to use might be less than a conscious decision. Throughout their book, Sedivy and Carlson (2011) present evidence that advertisers focus their attention of affecting our implicit processing while Wegner (2003) points out in his discourse on experiencing consciousness that it is possible that all decision making occurs unconsciously. Based on this information, choosing a brand is not a free decision, and in fact, it is a result of that brand being a lovemark. This conclusion might not be so menacing when it results in purchasing a computer, but this argument might have substantial implications when it comes to the governance of our country. Wegner (2003) proposed that it is possible that free will and the causal link between thought and action is an illusion. Wegner (2003) proposed that instead of a direct link between thought and action there is a different path which causes both the thought and the action. It was proposed that there is an unconscious cause of both the action and the thought and that our brain interprets the action-thought pair as casual. Wegner (2003) gives the example of turning on a light switch, if the lights in a room turn on at the same time that we hit the light switch, but turn on…

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