Importance Of Spin Doctors

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Spin doctors are unavoidable and even necessary
Media have always been one of the main communication channels between the politicians and the public. And with the arrival of social media, the role of the media has become even more important. For politicians, it has become increasingly important to make a good appearance in the media. They are more aware of the importance to communicate their messages properly and in order to do so they often make use of spin doctors. A good image will help politicians to gain more voters so the contribution of spin doctors to the political campaign is essential. It is often argued that spins are misleading and should not be used by politicians to get a message across to the public. I, on the other hand believe
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The term ‘spin’ has a variety of interpretations but in this essay the most objective definition is used. Spin is a systematic and proactive approach to political media relations that seeks to maximize favorable coverage (Brown, 2003). Spin doctoring is the management of relationships between the public and an organization or individual. Spin doctors calculate strategies to engage and steer public opinion. Now that the definition of a spin doctor is clearly explained I will now argue why spin doctors are essential and should not be forbidden to hire or use by politicians or political parties in the …show more content…
Spin doctors play an important role in the political campaign of the politicians. In the current society the media are the main communication channel between the politicians and the public (Strömbäck, 2008). Given the way that media control and influence the flow of information, political spin doctors just are a practical necessity. With the help of spin doctors politicians have to overcome media bias and prejudices to get their message across. With the arrival of social media, the public has a broader access to news so it is more difficult for politicians to stand out. Political marketing strategies are used more often by political parties in order to help them differentiate themselves from other parties. Spin doctors are part of the political marketing strategy and these marketing strategies are becoming increasingly important to political parties in order to win the elections (Lees‐Marshment, 2001). The research of Scammell (1999) supports this; he states that the use of political marketing techniques has the potential to increase community representation and involvement in the political

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