What Makes A Best Friend? Essay examples

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Best friends are the ones who show us the experience of life itself. When you grow up with your group of best friends, it is the moment to make memories to remember the best moments with your friends. Without friends or even best friends, you will realize how friendship takes on without one of them not being there for you. A friendship takes to be one person with good unique characteristic. They can be loyal, secretive, protective, cooperate and they respect you, your other friends and others. A best friend is meant to show us what the world is going on and lesson of life to become a better friend.
When I was in middle and high school, I had many friends during those years and my best friends were Tatiana, Alexis, Ambraya, and Travis. They were funny and crazy friends I had. Each day, they would surprise me with their actions in school; mostly to get in trouble with the teachers. All of them have the unique characteristics, but their side never been reveal show abnormal faces and situation never been mentioned. My friend Tatiana, who I know from elementary, tells me that it’s sometimes stressful to have stepfathers and to have siblings who are half related. Only she can do it, just to smile for her mother 's joy. As her friend, Tatiana showed me to have faith in everyone, including myself. It took me some time to be familiar with different qualities of people, especially when it comes to family. It bothers what she said to me at first but it was true. It was hard for me to…

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