What Made You Choose Music Education? Essay

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When surveying my next educator to speak with, I decided to actually pick a specific field in the education field to start with. I chose music education. After choosing a field I knew the perfect person to speak with, Mr. Ricardo James the owner of Wind Notes. Wind Notes is a music education business, where teachers provide music education to different communities. I was introduced to Mr. James by Mr. Kareem Nuri who I had spoken with in my previous interview session. Mr. James is a music educator and works with different school all over the Washington D.C area. To begin the interview, I first thanked Mr. James for taking the time out to meet with me, I also ensured him that this wasn’t going to be published or anything so he could feel free to be his normal self and give straight answers. After getting the hard part out of the way I began with my first question, “What made you choose music education?” “In terms of teaching, in 2005 I had my first student in music and I started teaching private lessons really small stuff. I really fell in love with it and the funny thing is I told myself, I’m never going teacher I am just going to play and play for the rest of my life because I felt like being in a classroom wasn’t for me and I always remember this saying when I was coming up. People who play, play and people who don’t Teach. Meaning if you pretty much couldn’t handle you craft then the best thing for you to do was teach because your success wouldn’t be anything outside of…

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