Essay about What Life Areas Have You Exhibited Strong Integrity?

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Test yourself!
In what life areas have you exhibited strong integrity?
In what areas would you like to develop greater integrity?
What social work practice situations will challenge you the most to maintain a strong sense of personal and professional integrity?

I have exhibited strong integrity while in the military service. In the army one of the seven-army values is integrity. In the military I would come across several brass ammunition cartridges. On military based there are gun ranges who like to buy military cartridges because they can just refill the with a primer and gunpowder. Once they are filled they are sold to the civilian for triple the price that the dealer would by it from. Dealer would often offer me hundreds of dollars for the ammunition brass. I would have sold it to them, however I have strong sense of integrity so I never did. It is considered stealing from the military if I was to sell the brass to the dealer. I would like to develop more integrity when it comes to temptation. Sometimes temptation can be very hard to deal with especially if you know that you are not going to be caught. When it comes to social work I do not think there is a area that I will struggle with in regards to integrity. I will provide the best service that I can which requires me to maintain a high level of integrity.

I thought that this test was inaccurate. I never agreed with a test completed by a computer. I do feel like I am an honest person (I scored 89 out of a 100),…

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