What Is Webinars A Profitable Model? Build And Grow A Business?

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Webinars are a very profitable model to build and grow a business. In order to put on a webinar many people think that you need to spend $400 a month on a gotomeeting.com account and personally I don’t like their system.

I avoided webinars for the longest time because I thought the barrier to get started was too difficult and pricey to get started when it is actually so simple and cheap. The truth is you can put on webinars for the one-time cost of a plugin and video software, then air them through youtube livestream but self-host them.

I already mentioned the video software under creating videos on page 62, depending on your budget (free to a few hundred dollars). Going this route you will have some awesome benefits like not be limited to the number of people attending as you would in purchasing a monthly service.

To host my webinars on my site I create a subdomain of my domain (e.g. webinar.TurningPassionIntoProfit.biz) and then install a fresh copy of WordPress on it with the plugin of WP Webinar System. I design this to look like my regular website so it gives a seamless feel. You can purchase thee WP Webinar System plugin here:


I do this to keep down on the number of plugins I have installed on my site and because my webinars are not something I want my entire site linking to. Webinars are a way to promote, educate, and sell.

You could create a subdomain for your blog as well but and integrate the blog with your site through the…

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